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Welcome to Euro Office's job directory. Euro Office offers a challenging, fast-paced environment for individuals willing to grow with us.

Our products are sold in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. If you think you can contribute with your knowledge and network, let us know.

If you are a student and wish to do work related to the science and industry, call us! We participate in studies around the world, which makes us smarter and better every day.

Students and Graduates

Ergonomic science has been around since Leonardo DaVinci made his first drawings, maybe even longer. Office ergonomics, however, is new, and both the industry and universities around the world are using their best resources to discover ways to perform every-day tasks while reducing short-and long-term work-related injuries.

As a student or graduate, you are welcome to work with us to make new discoveries in office ergonomic science. Euro Office is also looking for students and graduates interested in writing their thesis at Euro Office. We encourage student to base their research in these areas:


How easy is it to use Trackbar Emotion? What are the pros and cons for using a centered pointing device?


What is the level of awareness for the need of ergonomic implementation in a particular geographical location? What is the awareness among America's top 500 companies? What is the awareness in the U.S. and other governments, and what are their guidelines?


How common are ergonomically correct tools at peoples'work places and in their homes? How easy is it to find
a correct tool? What is the process from problem to solution in ergonomically oriented cases? There are many more questions that relate to the centered pointing device. We invite you to help us answer them.