The Euro Office Teams

There are 100s of people involved in the research and development of the EuroOffice ergonomic product line. Under the leadership of Mike Sjoblom these teams are coordinated from all over the world with a specific prioritized agenda aiming at building ergonomic products based on the latest ergonomic science available, using the latest technology and the coolest industrial design.

We thank everyone participating in the R&D, including all users sending us their feed-back in our user studies or in the numerous of the spontaneous emails and calls we receive every day.
All this continues stream of information creates the foundation taking us one step closer to upgrade every new version to a more ergonomic and user friendly product.

Mike Sjoblom

Mike Sjoblom and his company EuroOffice launched the first centered pointing device in the world in 1997. This new methodology revolutionized the work environmental area in Scandinavia and today over 600,000 users can be found using this methodology in both a pro-active and a re-active way.

Mr. Sjoblom has been working in Sweden, Belgium, England and, the past 8 years, in Silicon Valley, California. He finished his business studies in Stockholm and shortly thereafter, in 1992, established his high-tech company EuroOffice.

The focus Mr Sjoblom had with EuroOffice was to connect the medical and technical sciences to create products for people, not to people. Machines do not break down anymore, people do, and this is where Mr Sjoblom has contributed with his knowhow from the manufacturing industries to focus on the usability of products. The result of his work has been increased productivity and reduced stress on the workforce.

Mr Sjoblom pioneered the ergonomic computer mouse industry over 10 years ago with its first ever electronic centered pointing device. The methodology is based on studies and research clearly indicating where to place a computer mouse to avoid injuries.

EuroOffice is nowadays headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, closer to the heart of the computer industry and working with the large manufacturers.

The only mature ergonomic market in the world today is Scandinavia. Mike Sjoblom has played an important role creating the awareness the past 15 years which has resulted in helping 10’s of thousands of people in the workforce in both rehabilitating as well as preventing the most common injuries.

As a result of details in its ergonomic and technological R&D EuroOffice won an award for its computer mouse Trackbar Emotion at the largest ergonomic event in the world in Las Vegas, December 2007, as The Ergonomic Product of the Year.

The Ergonomic Team

Euro Office keeps a dialogue with professionals within the ergonomic industry, including universities and the medical community to learn and improve. In our database we keep communication with professors and doctors in Ergonomics in 19 countries and over 20 universities around the world. The ergonomic science is complex where data constantly varies as people come in different shape and form around the world. It is therefore important to interpret this data creating a solution and product that fit everyone based on these variations.

The Tech Team

Using one of the top two leading mouse manufacturers in the world, EuroOffice make sure the Trackbar product line is built with the latest technological knowhow. The two platforms it uses is Microsoft Windows OS and Apples Mac OS.

The challenge is always to build a mouse based on ergonomic facts and figures. Regardless the availability of cool technology, the ergonomic features is always prioritized. The 2008 version includes a microphone as the Ergonomic team suggested we should use the speak recognition features in Windows Vista and Apples Leopard operative systems. This feature creates a possibility for the user to replace click commands with voice commands. This is how our teams work together to build products for people, not for machines.

The Design Team

EuroOffice use the best industrial designers from both Europe as well as in the US. The esthetic factor has proven to be an important component for both proactive as well as reactive users. Industrial design is known to motivate people in buying and using various products. Ergonomics is for everyone no matter if you feel pain or not. The focus of the design team is to create a fun, cool product that people are proud to use.