The Centered Pointing Device Method

The methodology driving our product development for the last fifteen years is that of Centrerade Styrdon, translated by Euro Office as the centered pointing device (CPD) Method. It is specifically intended to assist computer users by decreasing the discomfort, risks and symptoms associated with traditional computer mouse work. It is built on the principle that centering the pointing device between the user and keyboard (the center line of a keyboard is defined between the keys G and H) will keep the user's hands and arms in a naturally centered position while working, thereby reducing strain. Employing this principle, our products reduce or eliminate the sideways and reaching arm movements typical of traditional mouse work that increases the risk of mouse arm syndrome.

We pioneered a new kind of computer mouse more than 10 years ago when we released the first-ever, electronic roll-using, centered pointing device. This methodology is now the solution recommended by ergonomic specialists in Scandinavia to rehabilitate and prevent injuries associated with mouse arm syndrome.

Our dedicated professionals come from the ergonomic science community around the world. Our shared goal is to decrease computer mouse-related symptoms and enable people to carry on their work without pain. We also aim to educate computer users and create products they want to use that will prevent future injuries. In summary, we want to increase the ergonomic wellness of today's health-savvy computer users — in the office, on the road and in the home.

EuroOffice coordinates top international design and engineering team to develop our unique, top-of-the-line products that serve the needs of health-conscious computer users. Because of our solid partnership with the ergonomic community, our specialists not only contribute their knowledge to our research and development, but they also act as our world-wide ambassadors promoting CPD methodology and our pointing devices. All of this has made Euro Office a leader in the ergonomic pointing device industry.