User point of view

As a working person, you have invested money, time and energy to get where you are today. Your education, the foundation for your career, required both time and money. Once you finish school and begin working, you keep investing in yourself. As you create a career, you start making money -- and hopefully more as your career progresses. For many of us, the choices we make, our education and our career, lead to living our dream, the life we have strived towards for many years.

All those efforts and dreams can so easily be shattered by bad work habits or ignorance of the small things at your workplace. For many people, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and mouse arm means the end to their career as they knew it. It greatly reduces their ability to perform simple tasks, along with the value of their education, and makes them virtually unable to perform the work they love.

It doesn' t have to be that way. Avoiding the mouse arm syndrome only requires awareness of the dangers related to frequent computer use, good work habits that avoid the risks, and use of ergonomically correct equipment. This is where Euro Office and Trackbar Emotion come into the picture. Using a Trackbar Emotion is an investment in preventing the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome and mouse arm. Or if you already suffer from mouse arm, Trackbar Emotion can take you a long way towards rehabilitation and returning to work you love. *

An innovative product that sets new standards in the field of ergonomics, Trackbar Emotion features a wide range of functions, including dual optical sensors, microphone, six programmable buttons and sleek, modern Scandinavian design.

The 800 dpi single sensor in most traditional mice can't compete with the double 1.000 dpi sensors in Trackbar Emotion. Few pointing devices in the world have as powerful sensory technology as Trackbar Emotion. Its microphone give users powerful voice control capabilities built into the latest operative systems such as Microsoft' s Vista and Apple' s Leopard. Voice control further reduces the amount of clicking needed. Trackbar Emotion also comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to personalize it to fit your mood and personality which makes this ergonomic computer mouse both fun and smart, but most of all, good for you.

Finally, Trackbar Emotion costs only $99. This is a small price to pay compared to being unable to perform your work or having to rehabilitate injuries caused by the mouse. Trackbar Emotion is also by far the least expensive centered pointing device on the market, even though it is the leader when it comes to performance, features and quality.

*Always consult your doctor before you take any decisions to change your work situation.