Trackbar Emotion Manual


Connect the USB cable to the USB ports in the Trackbar Emotion and
the computer. You will find the USB port in the large compartment at the
bottom of your Trackar Emotion. Connect the microphone cable to to the
slot next to the USB port and to the microphone port on the computer.
No further installation is required. Please note, the microphone cable is
not required to make the mouse work.

Recommended placement

Position your Trackbar Emotion between you and the keyboard at the
center of the keyboard. The center of the keyboard is between the “G”
and “H” keys. The center of the Trackbar Emotion is the scroll wheel.
These two points should be aligned.

The default position for the Trackbar Emotion is with the roll closer to
the keyboard. It is also possible to switch Trackbar Emotion 180 degrees
and place the roll closer to you by pushing the shift button in the bottom
of the Trackbar Emotion. To switch thebuttons, make the changes in the
mouse control panel (control panel in Windows).

Roll Click Function

You may switch the roll-click function on and off by holding down the roll
plus the two lower buttons for five seconds. The default position is OFF.
The click function is a “double left click” and can’t be changed to
anything else.

Plug 'n' Play for PC

These functions work without any software installation
The factory settings are as follows:
· Upper left button: Left click
· Upper right button: Right click
· Lower left button: Forward
· Lower right button: Back
· Scroll wheel: Left click
· Roll bar: Double left click (if activated)

If you wish to program your buttons, please follow the download
instructions below.

Download Instructions for PC users

To chose your own commands for the buttons on the Trackbar Emotion (except for the roll) you will need to download and install the full version of the Trackbar Emotion software. This software is available without any charge.

Step 1: Follow
Step 2: Click “Download software without charge for PC”.
Step 3: When asked to “Open” or “Save” the file, we recommend you to save the file on your desktop.
Step 4: Double click the file you saved onto your computer and follow the instructions on the screen.

Download Instructions for Mac users

If you wish to be able to chose your own commands for the buttons on the Trackbar Emotion (except for the roll) you will need to download and install a third party software online. We recommend a third party vendor software found here. Follow the directions from the manufacturer to make the buttons programmable. Please note that Euro Office is only responsible for Trackbar Emotion and does not keep any support related to downloading and/or installations from any other vendor or manufacturer. Please contact our support for further information:

Plug 'n' Play for Mac

For Mac users, Trackbar Emotion works as a traditional Apple mouse. If you wish to program all your buttons, please follow the instructions above.